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ExploreVR offers vocational rehabilitation (VR) agencies easy and convenient access to a range of VR research, related data, and tools for planning, evaluation, and decision-making.

VR Spotlight

SGA Project

The ICI implemented the SGA Model Demonstration rigorously testing a rapid engagement coordinated team approach in Kentucky and Minnesota to improve wage outcomes of vocational rehabilitation customers who received SSDI benefits. Read the Mathematica Policy Research evaluation reports and watch this video for a first person account.

Listen as George tells his story about participating in the SGA Project, and as Kim Peck; director, Minnesota VR; and Buddy Hoskinson; former director, Kentucky OVR; share their agencies' perspectives.

George: SGA Project Lived Experience

ICI's Research in Vocational Rehabilitation

Learn about the Progressive Employment Model and current knowledge.
Access to ICI's National Surveys of state VR agencies, Index of promising practices, and other related data and papers.
SGA Model Demonstration Project: VR's role in supporting SSDI customers return to work.
ICI is an active partner on multiple model demonstrations. Learn about Work Based Learning in Maine and in Massachusetts and Career Pathways in Nebraska.

Job-Driven Toolkits

The Job-Driven Toolkits provide resources on promising and emerging job-driven strategies from the field. The toolkits help embed and sustain job-driven VR practices that lead to improved employment outcomes for people with disabilities.


Business Engagement is interaction between employers, vocational rehabilitation (VR), and other organizations.  


Customized Training (CT) programs and partnerships fulfill employer or industry needs for skilled workers.


Employer Supports are services provided by vocational rehabilitation (VR) in response to the needs of businesses.


Labor Market Information (LMI) is information for job-seekers about employer hiring trends.


Learn more about what VR agencies are doing to sustain services during the COVID-19 crisis